Orlando Richards
Orlando Richards practices multiple art mediums including photography, video, drawing, painting, and wearable fabric art. In all of his work is the desire to express, channel, grasp, and represent his experiences. He describes his creative process:

Often I begin a piece by moving lightly over the canvas with charcoal. As the line curves and develops, an image or story emerges and I follow its lead. I enter a subconscious flow on this journey until the overall image is created. I then generate coloration for the characters and/or landscape. For me, the colors are the language, more than the characters, and define the meaning of the piece. Certain frames require specific amounts and arrangements of colors to have a balanced composition that satisfies my eye. It is in the process of choosing colors that I search for what the painting will be. The less conscious I am about this process, the more successful I will be in creating a genuine expression.

His work has shown at the Hunterdon Museum of Art in New Jersey, The Kentler International Drawing Space in Brooklyn (their Flatfiles house some of his work), and The People’s Gallery and Gravel and Gold, both in San Francisco. He was born in Jamaica, and lives and works in Brooklyn.